Proposal for 6-Month Marketing and Growth Plan

Client: Vito Esposito Salon

Objective: Enhancing Vito Esposito Salon’s online presence, increasing client engagement, and boosting revenue through strategic digital marketing initiatives.

Overview: Vito Esposito Salon seeks to revamp its digital footprint and attract a broader clientele base while nurturing relationships with existing customers. Our proposed 6-month plan focuses on leveraging various online platforms, implementing targeted campaigns, and optimizing outreach strategies to achieve these objectives.

Terms of Engagement:

Duration: 6 months

Monthly Cost: $2,500 (Minimum commitment)

1 Men’s Haircut 😁  (Optional) 

Month 1:

– Website Redesign:  Overhaul to create an engaging, user-friendly platform.

– Accessibility Compliance: Implement full accessibility compliance for the website.

– Content Creation: Conduct 1 photoshoot and 1 video shoot for the salon’s promotional material.

-Back-End Management: Integrate Pro Flow Connect software for efficient salon management.

-Client Outreach: Initiate a targeted outreach campaign via text and email to engage existing clients.

-Training: Provide comprehensive training on Pro Flow Connect software.

– Social Media Consulting: Offer guidance on social media strategies.

– Content Creation: Produce 5 reels for social media platforms.

Month 2:

– Facebook Giveaway Campaign: Launch a campaign offering a year of free haircuts (12 cuts).

– Lead Conversion Strategy: Drive leads to book first appointments at a discounted rate, emphasizing add-on services.

– Possible Google Ad Campaign: Implement a light Google Ads campaign to supplement outreach efforts.

– Content Creation: Generate 5 additional reels for social media platforms.

Month 3:

– Google Ads Campaign: Execute targeted ads for “Salons near me” and phone call ads to attract local clientele.

– Client Follow-Up:  Employ a systematic approach to follow up with clients.

– Campaign Assessment: Evaluate campaign performance, revenue increase, and identify best-performing strategies.

– Rate Renegotiation: At the 3-month mark, assess growth and revenue generated by our implemented strategies. If notable growth is demonstrated, we would like to renegotiating our rate for the remainder of the engagement. If not, we will continue optimization at the current rate.

Month 4-6:

– Continued Ads Campaigns: Sustain Google and Facebook Ads while adjusting strategies based on insights.

– Influencer Outreach: Engage with influencers within our network to widen salon visibility.

– Strategic Planning: Determine future strategies based on campaign performance and best practices.

-Prepare Strategy for Franchise implementation 


The proposed 6-month plan aims to transform Vito Esposito Salon’s digital presence, drive client engagement, and optimize revenue streams through targeted marketing efforts. We are committed to working closely with the salon to achieve measurable results and adapt strategies for long-term success.



$5,000 Responsive Website Redesign | Full Accessibility Compliance |

$997 / On Board Training and Setup cost for Pro Flow Connect 

$500/ Existing Client outreach Campaign 

$500 / Social Media Consulting 

$1500/ Custom Video Shoot 

$600/ Photo Shoot of Location


$1,000/ Monthly Ad Management of Google and content creation 

$1,000 / Monthly  Facebook Ad Management  and content creation

$679/ Monthly Pro Flow Connect Software with Full Automation Sequencing and Ai 

$200/ Monthly Website Security, Premium Hosting, Backup Protection, and General Maintenance

$1500 / Monthly Social Media Content Creation (10-12 Reels) 

Cost Analysis

This cost analysis demonstrates how implementing best practices for hair salon customer acquisition, retention, and advertising can drive significant growth and returns that benefit the business and make it more appealing to investors.

Industry benchmarks

The average salon should spend between 7 -10% of their gross revenue on marketing 

The average company should have a growth rate of 15%-25% year over year growth 


6 Month total cost excluding ad budget: $35,271

Average Monthly Spend w/ $2,000 Ad Budget: $6,379 

Yearly Spend on Marketing: $76,548


Based on an annual customer value of $450/year at the rate of $50/visit + $150/ referral of a friend (Accounting that if the customer refers friends or family half show up) 

Annual customer value (ACV) at $450/year

 We need approximately 14 new clients per month for campaign to break even. 

$450(ACV) x 14 clients=$6300/Annual Revenue added to business


20 new clients per month at an annual gross value of $1,200/ client* =
$288,000 additional gross revenue added to salon**

Company gross growth revenue: 29% increase + 

Net Revenue: $31,453+

*Average $200 service

**Excluding referrals

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